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iPad Point of Sale System

  • Transactions - Our iPad POS is designed to be fast and reliable at any volume level, including across thousands of transactions per day. We focus on making the transaction simple so you can focus on your customers.
  • Inventory Management - Save time and manage your entire inventory, including pricing and quantities, in one place. Easily add and track everything you sell with detailed item- and department-level reporting, including alerts when supplies are low.
  • Employee Management - We've made it easy to turn your iPad Point of Sale into an employee time clock. Know exactly when your staff is working and what they're selling with smart reporting. Then use role-based permissions to determine who has access to what information.
  • Customer Tracking - Easily capture customer info on any sale and build your marketing database. Know exactly what your customers buy and when, so you can intelligently order new products that they'll enjoy. Stay ahead of the competition and turn your customers into your advocates.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Big data for small business. ShopKeep's detailed reporting helps you answer the most important questions about your business. Best of all? It's cloud-based, meaning it's securely available anywhere, anytime.
  • Support - Running a business is hard enough, you shouldn't have to worry about your POS system. All ShopKeep employees are here to support you and help you run a better business. That's why we offer free, unlimited, award-winning 24/7 support.
  • Integrations and Add-ons - ShopKeep's flexible platform offers QuickBooks integration and offers loyalty options like LevelUp and AppCard.