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NCR 1530 POS Terminal

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Retail Management and POS

NCR Counterpoint includes robust inventory management, touchscreen point of sale, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities.

  • Configurable Touchscreen to accelerate the checkout process with a point of sale that adapts to your needs.
  • Orders & Layaways, because with NCR Counterpoint, you can take orders and put items on layaway right at the point of sale.
  • Drop-ship Orders. Just add drop-ship items to a ticket and NCR Counterpoint will automatically create a purchase request for the appropriate vendor, complete with the customer's shipping address.
  • Order Management designed to streamline order processing for retailers who process a high volume of orders, including mail-order, telephone-order, and eCommerce merchants.
  • Holds & Quotes. Any sale, order, or layaway can be converted into a quote or put on hold for later completion.
  • Payments, allowing you to define and accept multiple currencies, including checks, credit and debit cards, store credits, gift cards, stored value cards, EBT food stamps, and A/R charge accounts.
  • Validated Returns against the original sale receipt to ensure you actually sold the item,the item hasn't been returned before, and that you don't refund more money than the customer actually paid.
  • Gift Cards and Stored Value Cards. Unlike SVCs, gift card values are tracked in NCR Counterpoint, so they do not incur third-party fees.
  • Loyalty Programs, allowing frequent customers to use points as tender. Customers can enroll in a single loyalty program, earn points for each dollar spent or each item purchased, and then spend those points at the point of sale, just like any other payment type.
  • Gift Registries, to create and manage gift registries and wish lists, allowing your customers to request or purchase gifts for that special occasion.
  • Discounts, with a pre-defined amount or percentage, or it can be entered at the time of the sale.
  • Commissions tracked by ticket and reported on the Commissions Due report.
  • Taxes calculated at the point of sale based on the tax code assigned to the store, each item, or the individual customer.